Starting Again

Well, summer break (frigid, arctic, winter break, really) has come to an end and school has begun once again. Things have changed from last year to this one, while other things have stayed the same. My sophomores from last year have moved up and out, and so third term marked our good-bye to Brynne, Ella, Jasmine, Maggie and Imani. My freshmen from last year have become tenth-graders, and while we lost Rehema, we also got Krista back and gained Paula, Claire and Juah. New freshmen have moved in as well, bringing us Jean, Keona, Savannah, Sarah, Se-ah and Aria. We’re a little more crowded this year than last year, and new people and roles bring a new dynamic, so we’re all still adjusting.

Outside of the dorm, my responsibilities have changed as well. My computer classes have been passed on to someone else—as it was time to re-vamp the curriculum, I was more than happy to hand over the reins! My current role, after almost having landed in Student Support, is currently being at the top of the substitute list. That’s been a bit weird this term, as the term hasn’t been going long enough for anyone to get sick and need my services just yet. (Though, I have been eagerly approached by people going to the States over Midterm, so I’ve got English 10 on the horizon.) I therefore have a little more time this term, which has enabled me to join a Bible Study and another women’s group and get a chance to connect with some other staff around campus. I’m also set to take up the Journalism term-length class next term, and working on putting together an art history term-length as well, which I’m very excited about.

Without too much of note going on just yet, I’d like to share a story from the other night. I was going around the dorm at Quiet Time, sending people back to their rooms to get ready for bed. I stopped in Jean and Keona’s room, which contained about 5 people, of whom Jean was not one. I was leaning on the door, chatting with everyone for a few minutes and catching up on the day. As the conversation died down and people started to leave the room, Zoey said, “Um, Aunt Anna Grace, can you let Jean out of the closet?” I pulled back from the door, revealing the closet behind, and Jean pushed the closet door open and poked her head out with a sheepish “Hi”. Everyone laughed as she slid out into the room. Apparently, she had been getting something from the closet, and instead of pushing back when the door opened against her, she just stepped into the closet to get out of the way, where she waited patiently until the door opened again.

We all got a good laugh out of it, and as we navigate the bumps and little fights of a new group trying to settle, I like to look back at that night and hope that the bumps smooth out and we get more moments like that one.

Please keep us all in your prayers as we get used to living together harmoniously, and pray for the girls as they adjust to new levels of school and harder classes. I’d really love it if we could do like we did last year, and ‘assign’ one of you to one of each of the girls to pray for them throughout the year. (I promise I’ll be better at regular prayer updates for them.) Let me know if you’d be interested in doing that.