Praise And Prayer

Hey y’all! (I’ve been in Texas for a while, can you tell?) I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve got some pretty good news to pass along. With the help of my wonderful coach, my support raising has made some pretty good leaps and is really coming along. My church has come alongside me with an amazing contribution to my monthly financial needs, and thanks to the gifts of several new team members, my goal is finally in sight. It’s very exciting.

I’ve got a couple of other exciting things going on right now that I’d like you to join me in prayer about. The first is our upcoming mission trip to Malawi. My church’s team and I will be leaving in two weeks for Malawi to help out with the Zambezi Cluster Meeting. I’m part of the group that will be working with the youth, and I’d like to ask you to pray for us as we prepare material and gather supplies—that we would find all we need, that we would be able to connect with the kids when we get there and that we would have the wisdom to answer questions wisely and help them grow in the Lord.

The other thing I’d like you to pray with me about is a girl at my church named Layla. She’s a new 6th grader in the Sunday School class I teach who has been coming for a couple of weeks with her friend. Unlike all the other kids in our class, Layla hasn’t grown up in the church. She’s unfamiliar with the Bible stories and she has a lot of questions—some of which have been pretty skeptical, but she seems interested. Please pray for me and the other teachers that we would be able to answer her questions in ways that make sense to her, and please pray for Layla that she would keep coming and find herself opening up to God and what He’s trying to teach her.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. Y’all are awesome.