I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This

So, here we are in a new year. Well, okay, so it’s February, but the year is still pretty new. Right about now is the time I figure New Year’s resolutions are starting to fall apart. I didn’t actually make any resolutions at the start of the year, but I’m working on one now and really trying not to let it go.

Some backstory: As you know, I’m still trying to raise my support to go to Kenya, and as you might not know, lately it hasn’t been going well. I kind of ran into a wall, and everything just sort of stopped. Then work got crazy with the Christmas season (retail at Christmas-time—I swore it off four years ago the last time I did it, and now I remember why), then it stayed busy as we did inventory—counting things is so much fun (cough, cough*sarcasm!*cough, cough). Between all that and the lack of progress, it was easy to let things slide. I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own, and so God gave me something I didn’t know I needed.

My parents have a friend who used to work in an organization dependent on support-raising, and somewhere along the way, they mentioned me and the trouble I was having to him. He then very graciously offered to work with me as a support coach, and it has been such a blessing. He—unlike me—knows what he is doing, and has given me some very helpful, practical advice. He’s also been a great encouragement, confident that we can reach my goal, and it’s starting rub off on me. So I’m resolving to work harder on this, and having someone coach me alongside is helping me stick to it. (It also helps that he gives me assignments and deadlines—it breaks down what I have to do into smaller chunks, and having specific goals are helpful. I like specifics. Sometimes the vagueness of this whole thing can get a little scary.)

So, I’m heading into the new year feeling recharged, and I’m excited about it. I’m also excited about a missions trip my church has coming up in March. The IMB missionaries there are having a meeting, and my church is going out to work with the kids and youth, and guess who’s going with them? That’s right. Me. I am all kinds of excited to see some old friends and spend some time back in Africa. (Although I’ve never been to Malawi before, so this is new and exciting.) Also, I’m looking forward to working with the youth and getting to know some of the kids that I will (hopefully) be seeing up at RVA in the fall. So, after a rocky start, I think this year is definitely shaping up.