Wrenches And Blessings

It seems like such a short time since I last sent out an update, but in that brief span, a lot has been happening. First, the good news—I’ve had some very encouraging speaking engagements, and have begun receiving pledges of support from unexpected places. There have been generous anonymous donors and people I’ve never met but who heard, through one channel or another, about what I was doing and felt called to give. It’s a good reminder that God is in control when “the friend of the woman across the auditorium” is led to donate. It’s certainly not me doing that.

Unfortunately, the good news is followed by bad, and it’s a big one. As you know, my leaving date was pushed back to October when my financial support fell short of my goal. On Wednesday, I received a call from AIM telling me that the superintendent at RVA had found someone to cover the dorm in my absence, and had made the decision to keep the substitute on for the rest of the year. This way they know they will have someone, and it will also be less disruptive for the dorm girls—they will be switching dorms mid-year anyway for construction reasons, and changing dorm parents part of the way through will just shake things up even more.

It’s a valid point, and I get it—I really do. But never mind throwing a wrench into my plans—this is chucking the whole toolbox in there. July of 2015 seems like a long time away, especially since I’m in a place of transition already. My housing situation is up in the air, and if I’m staying that much longer, I’m going to need a better job (part-time work at the deli certainly isn’t going to cut it). When I first started on this journey, everything seemed to be lining up so perfectly, and now I’m really struggling as I watch these carefully made plans break down.

Lest that last paragraph paint too bleak a picture, I do want to say that it’s not all bad. My family is wonderful—from the next room over, across the ocean, and all the stops along the way, they’ve been encouraging and supporting me and I literally do not know what I’d do without them. I’ve been blessed with dear friends who listen when I need them and who know just what to say to remind me I’m not in this alone. God is changing my plans, but He’s still taking care of me.

My journey has been delayed, but it still continues. I’m still going to Kenya—just later than I expected. (And I begrudgingly admit that this gives me more time to raise the financial support I need.) I ask that you would pray for me as I try to figure everything out. Pray that I would be open to whatever it is that God wants to teach me by waiting. Pray that I will make the effort to engage in where I am over the next year, instead of looking ahead the whole time and ‘coasting’ through. Pray that I will use the time wisely to gather the support I need, and pray that I can figure out jobs and housing.

Thank you for your prayers and for supporting me this far. I appreciate everything more than I can say.